Women In Football Support APD

Women In Football Article Endorsing A.P.D

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Women In Football, are a network of professionals working in and around the football industry who support and champion their peers. APD is delighted to be endorsed by Women In Football for our work in trying to give girls ages 16-18 an opportunity to train full time and gain an education. We currently have one girls education programme at North Kent College and we hope to open one at The Halley Academy, where we have a boys centre already established, by 2020.

Ciara and Rachel, APD Operations Director and Business Development Manager, have enjoyed successful playing careers and education. They play at the highest level for Northern Ireland and play in the Women’s Championship. Rachel has a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics and a masters degree in Business. Her passion for football and education means she is delighted to be able to support, Ciara as Head of Girls at APD, in their joint mission to help young girls achieve their football and academic aspirations.

Rachel Newborough