APD GK Partnership with PL 1 Goalkeeping

APD GK is delighted to announce our new partnership with PL 1 Goalkeeping. Our head goalkeeping coach, Neale Manning, has been using PL 1 Goalkeeping gloves for the past season and has been extremely impressed with the quality of their gloves. Their range of designs and value for money make them a brilliant choice for all levels of goalkeepers.

APD GK would advocate all elite goalkeepers to try PL 1 Goalkeeping gloves. We are very excited about our new partnership and the prospect of our APD Goalkeepers receiving their PL1 Gloves courtesy of this partnership.

PL1 Goalkeeping was built by owners Lee Hollingwood and Paul Horwood. They pride themselves on using the best quality German latex to produce the highest performance gloves whilst maintaining their price integrity.

Check out PL1 Goalkeeping on twitter, @gk_pl1 to see their top of the range gloves. Stay tuned to see more for APD GK and PL 1 Goalkeeping!

Rachel Newborough