Eddie Allsopp

Eddie S APD Scholar.jpeg


Eddie is one of A.P.D’s top elite players. Working closely with Harry to pursue his ambitions of playing professional football, Eddie signed for Charlton Athletic in October 2018.

I came to A.P.D not knowing what to expect and just saw it as another game of football with my mates. After just the first session with Harry I could see this coaching was at a different level to what I was used to. Harry took my talent and helped me grow as a player with training on a daily basis and putting me in challenging situations both on and off the pitch to test my ability and mental strength. I can honestly say that Harry is by far the best coach I’ve worked with and I will always make sure to stay in contact with all the staff at A.P.D.
I would recommend any young aspiring footballer to give A.P.D a go.
— Eddie Allsopp